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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, oh, the deep freeze. waking up to dangerously cold wet they are morning. if you are headed out right now, you want to bundle up. kate takes a look at the plunging temperatures in just one moment. >> also there is could be real, instead of mad maine snow, huge snowstorm hitting our area at the end of the week. birds confirm they have a new head coach. reaction to doug pederson's hiring and the official announce. good morning, it is tuesday, january 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. check on tracking weather and traffic. >> the minute you walk outside, you know, this is
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something cruel. this is something different. yes, katie, roads are look good, but what is in store for us today it. >> definitely looking at the chill it, continues to be the main weather headline for now. all looking ahead to the tail end of the week, yes, still appears as though will will be large storm system brewing in terms of it final trek t does appear though it will have impact on us, it is a little too soon to be talking specific snow totals for specific regions because the storm hasn't formed yet. once it does obviously much better idea of how much. but it will be a plowable snow, we think, and again, the time being looks friday into saturday. let me bring you back to the here and now, a look at "skycam 3", all nice and calm and collected very clear. under the clear sky, temperatures have had chance to plummet outside hotel bethlehem overlooking little town of bethlehem here in northampton county. see the mountain off in the distance, everything lit up. no visibility whatsoever. storm scan3 is proof positive, look at the radar, picture with the tri-state sweep, not
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picking up on much of anything. you have couple of clouds, mostly removed from our area, so, it is that clear sky, starlit as we say, and the only problem here is the fact that you have got these wind, still cranking, and just my walk from the car to the office was enough for me to feel the chill through my bones. so, you'll be hugging that winter coat little tighter, guys. make sure you do have real heavy winter coat on days like there is with the winds speeds, generally out of the west, doesn't do much to warm you up obviously. shear how it actually feels. current actual temperatures generally mid to upper teens. doing the math in your head, pretty bright al stuff. feels like sub zero even in the bigger urban communities like trenton, wilmington, so really brutal start to the morning here. but banking on sunday shine, specking temperatures to flirt with or actually hit 30 degrees, in both philly and at the shore points, and despite the sun, much like what we saw yesterday, it is the windchill factor that becomes the main weather headline today. later in the week, meisha, a of course the snow potential. so we'll talk about that
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through the show today. today like yesterday good day to put the emergency kit in your car, maybe the extra mittens, hand warmers, whatever you can. because if you have car trouble, just if, it could pull some problems for you. it is that cold. like katie said the windchill can get you. here is a look at the vine, i love this shot. kind of birds eye view of the vine, headlights moving in the westbound direction, at 95. looking good, looking nice and quiet, the roadways are looking dry. that's going to be great for us this morning. ninety-five south at academy, another area looking at this morning, keeping our eye on looking good. in and around the construction both ways, 95 looking good. the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, before montgomery, another area nice and quiet this morning, we do have construction, pa turnpike westbound between valley forge and downingtown, left lane blocked there. another point of construction northeast construction northbound between the pa turnpike and lansdale, right lane blocked. i'll let you know when both places lift for this morning, erika, back over to you. >> thank you, before go outside dress in layers, add
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the gloves, hat, you need it all today. temperatures below freezing, truly making it dangerously cold outside. want to check in with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the 69th street terminal in upper darby. commuters braving the element out there this morning, good morning. >> good morning, we have been spoiled, haven't we? i can't complain too much up until this point. but, check back in with me at the end of my shift and i may change my tune. that's because according to my cbs philly weather app it, cents just 17 degrees out here. in upper darby, 69th street terminal this morning, and when you factor in the windchill it, feels like 2 degrees. so, it is mighty cold out here this morning, folks are bundled up from nose to tow as they head out, few people out here today, i think waiting until the last minute to run out to the bus stop this morning, understandably so. definitely no fun waiting in this weather. wondering when the bus and the heat will finally arrive. bit after breeze out here too. that doesn't make things any easier to handle. and we are expecting wind
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gusts to up 30 miles per hour today. you can see, on the ben franklin parkway this morning, those flags whipping a bit, in the wind, and you can hear it, as well. now we caught up with some folks bundle up in center city recently, too, actually taking advantage of the cold weather by taking couple of laps around the dilworth park ice rink. most people we spoke to say they aren't hating this cold, at least not yet. simply put, they say, it is about time. after all, it is mid january. >> i hate it. terrible. it is not too bad. i don't minds it. >> it is really cold specially with the wind, the wind, like, just draws tears out of your eyes, especially, on broad street. but it is a nice change from the warm weather specially on christmas. >> i don't want no more snow. we had ours yesterday. i'm done with it. >> now, she may have a problem come the end of this week. katie is watching that forecast very closely. her woman in the sound bite say the wind blowing the tears out of her eyes, i think i have that going on this
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morning, as well, now as another wind gusts come through the area, expecting 30-mile per hour wind gusts today. you just definitely want to bundle up. you can handle this, we just have to get use today it again this morning. you know what? that woman said she didn't want snow a lot of people we spoke to say they do want snow specially couple of student who say they could use a couple of snow days. back to you in the warm studio. >> i know, quite spoiled. hope you get warm soon, jan, thank you. new this morning, lasalle university shuttle driver is injured in a crash in the olney neighborhood. that accident happened around 1:00 a.m. at broad and olney. no student were in that van at the time of the crash. the driver was taken to the hospital. no details on his condition. that accident is under investigation. all right, you can call it doug's day in philadelphia. the eagles will introduce their new head coach, doug pederson to philly later today. pederson landed in town yesterday. the eagles brass escorted him to the nova care complex. pederson's resume is short but he has kept good company. names like dock schulla, brett
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favre and dan marino. still the decision to hire him has been head scratcher for many who point not just to his coaching inexperience, but also the fact that he wasn't even the primary play caller in kansas city. >> we have no idea whether or not doug pederson is going to be a good coach. we don't know how well he is at running at training camp, we don't know if he is a leader of men, we don't know if he can think on his feet, we don't know if he has better time management skills than the guy he's worked for. so for now, it is an entirely open question. but i will say this: you wish there was something in his resume that you could get more excited about. it is a pretty thin resume. >> "eyewitness news" will bring that you pederson press conference live later on today. it is at 2:00 right here on cbs-3 streaming live at >> 4:37 right now. the suspect in a deadly shooting at a north philadelphia homeless shelter is behind bars this morning. thirty-two year old john brock turned himself in yesterday.
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police say brock snuck into the shelter sunday morning after being banned from entering. that's when police say he shot and killed one employee, and critically injured another. police say brock targeted those two employees after they escorted him out the previous day. brock is expected to face murder and attempted murder charges. >> the mayor of flint michigan plans to travel to washington, dc today to ask for federal disaster declaration. the residents have been getting their rats of bottled water from the national guard. flint's water supply was contaminated with lead when the water supply was switched from the detroit river to the detroit system to the flint river back in 2014. tests later showed elevated blood lead levels in children. >> you see the results at five years of age when they need early intervention is her vet cents and special education. you see the impact at ten years, when they're having adhd like symptoms, see the impact when like 15 years old, having trouble with the criminal justice system. >> also today two class action
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lawsuit are expected to be filed, against michigan governor rick snyder. lawsuits related to personal injury and physical damage caused by the lead tainted water. a new discovery in the search for the missing marines after last week's helicopter crash in the at errings off of hawaii. authority found three life rafter carried aboard, but still, no sign of the 12 crew members. among those on board, two are from pennsylvania, captain brian t kennedy is from malvern, chester county, and sergeant adam scholl is her from gardner's adams county. family, friends, of czar shent shoulder say they're hopeful. >> very caring, outgoing person. there is just not enough words i could say. his heart is so big. >> authorities say the helicopters carry black boxes although yet to recover one. >> this morning, the music industry is mourning the loss of glenn fray, founding member of the band, the eagles.
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>> ♪ >> he formed the band in the early 70s with done hendley, became a top act over the next decade. also had success full solo carreers with the heat is on and smuggler's blues. he died yesterday in new york after battling multiple ailment, including, pneumonia. glenn frey was just 67 years old. still ahead this morning, good news for drivers, gas prices keep plummeting. we have a look at the average price too fill up this morning. >> also the dangers of nail polish? the risk involved with painting your nails. and, oh, what a change, it is just feeling frigid outside this morning. katie takes a look at the temperatures and a look ahead to the possible snowstorm at the end of the week. we'll be right back.
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after more than two years of public quarreling, congress
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appears to be coming to terms in a bill that would revive healthier school meal standards. senate measure would give schools more flexibility, on what they serve. requirements on whole grains, and cutting sodium levels, would be eased. the agricultural committee scheduled to vote on this measure tomorrow. renewed warnings over the over prescribing of antibiotic. antibiotics don't work for colds, and most other respiratory infections, but, they're prescribe for them all the time. that created a growing problem of antibiotic resistance, the american college of physicians and the centers for disease control warn to up 50% of antibiotics for respiratory infections, may be unnecessary. we asked a local expert, why doctors keep prescribing them. >> because patients expect them, not that antibiotics get rid of their stomach, but people believe that they're going to get better with a antibiotic. >> the new recommendations include prescribing
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antibiotics only when strep throat is confirmed, and for sinus infections that last more than ten days, or itself ear symptoms last three days. and, safety concerns about nail polish. a joint study by duke university and the environmental working group finds chemicals in sole polishes can get inside your body. many nail polishes contain the flame retardant tphp, and every woman tested had elevated levels that far chemical after they painted their nail. animal studies link tphp to reproductive and developmental issues. 4:44, oh, i know we're watching later this week with possible snowstorm, but really today just so cold out there. >> really is the initial weather headline for sure. you can't disregard that. because it is so, so brutally chilly outside, yes. so heavy coat required for sure. you will be hugging it awfully tight if you're maybe waiting at train platform, man, that wind, cuts like a knife. >> your face, you feel it the
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needles. >> rough stuff. so if you have to be out there extended periods of time, guys that work construction, the guys that go and collect the trash, you know, they know what's up, they're so used to this kind of thing, that they're so used to putting on the extra layers. but if you find yourself in that situation today, make sure you heed that warning, as well, nice extra layers ready to go, because it is going to be that casino after day again. much like yesterday. any time that winds blows, won't feel much better than the teens, and blowing pretty much any time today. storm scan quiet. high pressure on our side. will remain in place for the next couple of days, weak disturbance which we'll discuss, but two pieces of the puzzle here, we've got system that will be crossing down, on the northern jet stream, that helps usher in the cold that we need for the storm that we are talking about toward week's end to develop. here's the combination of the moisture moving on shore, eventually, pulling into the planes, blossoming into something bigger, eventually become that winter storm for us, toward the week's end. now, here's where we stand in terms of the pattern. for now high pressure, that will keep us dry, sunny here today.
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here is the minor disturbance i mentioned a moment ago. that will will cross through tomorrow night. and if it comes through late enough, you know, probably going to see a shower, snow shower or flurry out of it, but nothing more than that. then, as we look ahead to thursday, we start to see that storm system developing, and blossoming, you can see the combination of the area of low pressure, down near the mississippi l vai. that's headed our way. let me walk you through it temperature wise here, so still windy, still cold, barely even get you toward the 30 degrees mark in most spats -- spots. nineteen at worse for the nighttime low. but, again, got to factor in the wind. like we said, may be flurry or snow shower, but that's wednesday night. then the snow expected to arrive as early as friday afternoon. and linger into the weekend, erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. it has been a while since we've seen gas prices this low. no one complaining about this, right? we checked out five gas stations on the black horse pike, in turnersville, new jersey, regular goes for dollar 47 a gallon. how about that? miles of oil dropping fast.
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and it appears these prices at the pump will stay this low for awhile. >> there is plenty of crude oil out there. that's why the prices are solo. that's why crude oil is trading in like $30 or below a barrel right now. so we think triple a estimate that prices will continue to on the downward slide. >> the toil blood has pushed the price as he was saying of oil from $107 a barrel back in june 2014 to just under $30 right now. so, here's a look at prices for gallon of regular across our area. pennsylvania you're paying the most average of 2.08. in new jersey, it is 1.75. and in delaware it is 1.81. still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news": your next uber ride could be in the sky. more on the new helicopter rides being offered coming up in your money watch report. first though, here's what's ahead on cbs-3.
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>> 4:50. hen a daniels joins us, tax season officially here. tell us more. >> good morning, erika. that's right, the irs is ready to start the tax season. the internal revenue service is excepting tax returns, starting today, and taxpayers are being advised to shut their mail and e-mail for important document, coming their way, including health insurance forms and other tax information. erika? >> all right, also, hearing that the next uber ride you take could be on a helicopter? what's this about? >> reporter: yes, pretty cool. if you hate dealing with traffic, and have a big chunk of extra cash you want to spend, uber is partnering with airbus. the ride sharing app will sends a car to pick up clients and take them to the awaiting chopper. uber tested the service between manhattan and the hampton's in 2013 and charged between several hundred and
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several thousand of dollars for these rides. >> someone is buying it if they're doing t thanks. chickie's and pete's south philly legendary for the crab fries, now get the same taste at home with a bit after crunch, too. brace yourselves. crab fries flavored potato chips. hers is bringing the chips to market sometime in march. we're told they'll be at stores around the southeastern pennsylvania area and southern new jersey. looks tasty. all right, coming up after the break, a check on traffic and weather together. we'll be right back.
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>> 4:53. >> nor winds, more cold, more sunshine, so heavy coat. that's all you need. you will be just fine. make sure you're bundling up adequately. one of those days, storm scan3 quiet at least, but nice and
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clear, won't be worrying about any kind of visibility problems, no precipitation, nothing like that, just the cold. and what that does mean is that you are going to have to easily allow few extra minute, maybe warm the car up for sure, and, also, again, have those extra winter weather ac advisories ready to go. it will feel more like the single digits this morning, although, offer i shall will i we expect to top off upper 20's, balmy by comparison to the morning temperatures, but regardless, that wind means you can't go by the thermometer. and just what it is. we move forward in this more cast, though, we granted ease up little bit, keep the cold in place, to the point that by friday, when we are watching the large winter storm take shape, there will be enough cold to support what looks to be a plowable snow. meisha, over to you. >> yes, right, katie, everyone should have an emergency kit in their car today, cold days like this you just never know if something might happen with your car f you're stranded on the side of the road it could cause some issues the it is chilly out there. good news on this tuesday morning, is that the roads are looking nice and dry, and actually looking really nice
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and quiet right now, as we push toward our 5:00. the boulevard taillights moving in the southbound direction, toward the schuylkill, looking good. but as you can see, the headlight moving in the northbound direction, some early risers out there for sure. getting jump start to their day. i don't blame them. it will be cold this early morning, blue route headlights, ridge pike, also looking good, everyone traveling around at posted speeds no matter where i look this morning, the schuylkill, conshohocken curve no different, early risers there, as well. i want to pull your attention to water main great, gilbertsville, near boyertown hyskon. the ramp near route 100 the traffic getting bye-bye asking to you use caution in the area right now. like i said, traffic getting by right now, we do have some construction, northeast extension, between the turnpike and lansdale, right lane is blocked right now, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. checking right now on some of the stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. keystone exams may be put to vote today in the pennsylvania
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senate. that vote would delay using the test as a graduation requirement. there is also some new technology coming to your local grocery store, and it aims to make the whole shopping experience easier, and faster. and, the oscar nominated film up for six awards, co-writer of the film a man with local ties. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", we have the latest on the dangerous cold that really how it is having impact on people as they head out the door this morning. also, a oscar's boycott. why several prominent african-americans are skipping the awards show this year. and, you are waking up just little sleep think morning. we'll tell you how you can reverse the effect every those restless nights, that and moran katie tracking this latest system could affect us later this week, will we see snow, she has the answer, we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, layers, layers and more layers. that's what you really need to handle the dangerous cold headed out this morning, the winds not making it any better at all. katie is tracking huge snowstorm later this week, too. also, new this morning, lasalle university shuttle bus all smashed up after overnight crash. we have the latest on how that driver is doing. and, today is the day, we finally hear from the new coach for the eagles, doug pederson in town this morning, getting ready to meet the media. hear what experts say about pederson's chances of success here in philly. good morning, it is tuesday, january 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. oh, it is just dangerously truly dangerously cold out there. katie with the latest on the
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frigid temperatures. meisha watching the morning commute. bundle up ladies. >> you said it indeed. it is so cold outside this morning. the good news is the drive is looking okay. we haven't seen any dis able vehicles or anything like that, overnight construction casino every trying to get out of our way this morning, katie. we do know it will be cold. sometimes it can be serious. >> absolutely. and we're certainly tough enough and can handle. >> this we have got the tools at our disposal, in other words, you need those winter weather accessories, hat, scarf, gloves, all of that good stuff. probably want pair every sunday glasses here today, too. be sure to have. that will you don't want to be walking out the door without the winter accessories, and also the tips every making sure your car is heated up adequately. that said, we do expect to see, you know, more sun than anything once the sun does rise over the horizon, nice clear sky, "skycam 3", nice and quiet, currently temperature starts at 17 at the airport, but that wind, oh, it always gets you. ou


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